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House of BLK was created with the hopes and idea that we could bring a bit of our home into yours. Our unique incense blends and vast variety of sages and smudge bundles, we hope to provide any and everything you need to create a positive comfortable space. 

Whether you intend to meditate or manifest, we have something for it! Our vision is to give you artisan products in a class above anything else on the market.

House of BLK products are handmade and of the highest quality as we take great care to source our materials from the finest farms and suppliers. Our products are made with love, positive intentions and blessings.

Handcrafted Artisanal Incense Sticks

The sacred artistry of hand rolled incense sticks are a cultural practice that has been around for centuries and utilized for many sacred practices and rituals alike. Bits of nature were ground up and blended to create the perfect scent. Hand rolled incense is a precision based practice that is based on a deep understanding of the intended purpose and cultural history of the ingredients. It is a meditative process that requires knowledge of botany, the understanding of fragrance notes and aromachology (the study of the way that odors influence and affect human behavior that when done properly, can intentionally change the energy within any space). The hand-rolling technique, just like the burning of sacred plants, dates back to ancient times and is still believed to cleanse the space of negative energy and bring peace and tranquility. This level of science, skill and result is embedded into every House of BLK product. 

These days, House of BLK employs modern practices and knowledge as well as old ways, to create a completely unique collection of long burning incense sticks and blends. We are extremely proud to confidently state that one stick of incense burns over one whole hour, often exceeding 80 minutes! 

Smudge Bundles

Sage is a plant that has been used for centuries in rituals and ceremonies and can be burned as incense or smudged with a bundle of herbs to cleanse the air. Scientific research has now proven our forefathers to be correct; that smoke from sage and specific plant materials has been found to have many benefits including purifying the air, clearing negative energy, and removing bad vibes from a space. The sage or sage bundle is usually tied and wrapped in a natural cordage material like hemp, cotton or wool. The bundle is then lit on fire and the smoke from the burning herbs is released into the air. This ritual can be done by one person or with a group of people. The practice of cleansing is an ancestral tradition that involves the bundle of herbs being on fire and then the smoke from the burning bundle is fanned around to cleanse each space or person. Our Sage Bundles at House of BLK are traditional combinations of herbs, varying types of sage intended to create a specific aroma, energy to heal, rejuvenate, relax and to spiritually reconnect.

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