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Extrico - A Black Sage Smudge Bundle

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magnus (8 - 9 inches)

paulus (3 - 4 inches)


to release old habits, negativity and traumas. great for cutting chords!

available in two sizes.


Extrico, our premium Black Sage Smudge Bundle is most closely associated with self healing. Extrico is used for cleansing and looking inward. This Black Sage Smudge Bundle is perfect for protection, introspection and shadow work meditations.

This smudge bundle can be used for removing negative energies, past traumas and raising lower vibrations. Consider using it before our Solidus Bundle.

♦ Purposes of smudging with Extrico ♦


enhance intuition

psychic booster

peaceful sleep

vivid or lucid dreaming


stress relief

For more information or help deciding which smudge bundle is right for you, try this link.

♠ How To Use Your Black Sage Smudge Bundle:

Burn your smudge bundle and let the smoke permeate and cleanse. You can also waft the smoke around the space with a feather so that the smoke cleanses the entire room.
When you have finished, snuff out the fire against an abalone shell, cast iron bowl, or ash tray of sorts and save it for later use.

***Please make sure that a smudge bundle is COMPLETELY out before leaving the area unattended***

Burning Instructions:

Light the wand from the top end and place the burning wand on a safe surface.
***Keep out of reach of children, animals and flammable material.***

Setting Your Intensions:

While you are smudging your room or your jewelry, make sure that you keep a strong and focused intention in mind.

♦ Cleansing Your Gem Stones and Jewelry ♦

Gemstones will always work best when they are cleared, cleansed and charged up. Be sure to cleanse and activate them often!

How to Cleanse Your Jewelry:

Steadily hold your jewelry in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until your piece becomes still.


Customer Reviews

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Dorothy Givens
The sage gave a fire in my niece apartment

I need to know what did she do wrong for it to cause a fire?

Hello. Not sure how the sage caused a fire, but there are instructions on how to properly burn sage without causing a fire on the website. Luckily the sage bundles don't just burst into flames on their own, right!? lol

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